Thank you for taking your time to allow us to share our ministry with you. We are the Kovach family. Ashley and I both graduated from Northland Baptist Bible College in 2002 with a major in missions. Ever since that time, we have had our face set toward missions. The Lord has also opened numerous opportunities to serve at our local church, Family Baptist, in Kingsford, Michigan. However, our hearts have continued to be inclined toward missions. In the Christmas of 2003, we felt the Lord working in our hearts. We sat down and outlined several possibilities the Lord might see fit to open for us. One of those options was a place of service on a foreign field. We prayed that the Lord would open the door to one of the possibilities we had sketched out or give us a heart for another area of service we had not considered. Shortly after that time we received an e-mail invitation from a missionary team in Brazil.

After much prayer, we felt that the Lord would have us pursue the venture of long-term service in Brazil. In pursuing a venture with such life-long consequences, we felt it was wise to take a short-term survey trip to gain a scope of the ministry and to help discern if this was where the Lord would have us serve in the long term. While there, were as actively involved in the ministry as possible. Projects in which we were involved included VBS, teen rallies, the church building project, tract distribution, and group Bible studies. We were able to see many young people come to know the Lord through these opportunities.

Now, we are preparing to return to Brazil to work full time. Ashley and I are very excited to see what the Lord is going to accomplish in Brazil. Can we count on your prayer support? Will you further, prayerfully consider supporting us? Can we count on you to pray concerning what the Lord would have you do?

As Christ's,

Dana Paul Kovach II
Philippians 3:10